Welcome to Inca Trails!

Inca Trails is a simple but challenging puzzle game in the style of Sokoban. Originally developed for Amiga this addictive game is now available on Android. The beautiful graphics are fully scalable and will make this game an exciting experience both on smart phones and tablets.

At first glance your mission as an explorer in the hidden ruins of the Incas seems to be trivial: collect all treasures and bring them back to your base camp. But the Incas took precaution! Even 500 years after their fall, treasures are still protected by pitfalls and mazes. More than 60 levels are available up to now - guaranteeing a lot of variety and fun.

Inca Trails is available on Google play:

Do you have what it takes to be an Inca? Design your own worlds and protect your treasures with mean pitfalls and dead ends. Send me your levels and I will include them in one of the upcoming releases of Inca Trails, so that other users will find your new levels a hard nut to crack.

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